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The Cuts

With each purchase

Full Mix

Engineered to sound like a professional level quartet. The full mix track is a stereo-balanced blend where all parts are represented at levels typically heard when listening to a live or studio recorded ensemble. This track will allow you to learn the interpretation and inflection as requested by the purchaser. They're also the most enjoyable to listen to!

Part Predominant/Balance Left

You will receive four individual part predominant tracks, one for each voice part. The part predominant tracks receive two post production touches. First we balance audio levels to enhance the audible level of the voice part featured. Second, we balance the featured voice part to the left channel and the other three parts to the right. This provides you with only your part in your left ear (or if you're listening in a car, it would be on the driver's side). The benefit of balancing the audio this way is to provide the listener with the flexibility to adjust the balance to either a) have a solo track of just their part from the left speaker sor b) have a part missing track where all other parts are coming from the right speaker. Simply turn the balance knob on your stereo to achieve this.

Part Missing (available upon request)

Lastly I can provide you with a part missing track. Just as the name suggests, you would receive individual tracks with a voice part missing from each. The three parts provided on this track will be balanced as a quartet would be. Your job is to fill in your part at the appropriate level. This will truly test your skills!

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Make It Legal

It is the sole responsibility of the contractor to obtain all licenses and permissions associated with music and arrangements. The contractor shall provide the artist with one legal copy of the material to be recorded. For distribution purposes, the contractor is solely responsible for obtaining mechanical licenses for all music to be recorded. The artist will provide a single copy (typically 5 tracks to include a full mix, tenor predominant, lead predominant, baritone predominant, and bass predominant), legally obtained by the contractor, of the recordings purchased.

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There are three options for delivery.


Upon payment, your tracks would be electronically sent to a single email address of your choosing. Tracks will be sent in separate emails to adhere to strict size constraints that most email providers maintain.


Upon payment, your tracks will be available via a website for single-use download. What this means is that I'll provide a single user with restricted access to a private section of this website where your track will be available temporarily for download. Once you have downloaded all of the tracks, access will be revoked from the download section.


Upon payment, your tracks will be burned to a single compact-disc (CD) and mailed via the United State Postal Service to a single address of your choosing. This method obviously takes the longest to complete and all costs associated are the sole responsibility of the contractor (that you).

The fastest and most cost friendly method of delivery would be via email or download.

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